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Raven Precision Ag Technology and New Holland PLM™ Connect: Advancing Agriculture
In a time marked by the ever-growing global demand for food supply, the agricultural industry confronts a pivotal task: boosting production while safeguarding valuable resources. New Holland is firmly dedicated to meeting this challenge head-on through the adoption of state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions. Our partnership with Raven, a distinguished leader in precision agriculture technology, stands at the forefront of this agricultural evolution, revolutionising farming methods and charting the course toward a more sustainable and efficient future.


Optimising Agricultural Operations through Digital Solutions
In today’s agricultural climate, farmers constantly seek ways to enhance operations, maximise yields, and improve returns on investment, all while minimising labour and resource expenditure. Raven’s hardware, screens, and technology integrated into tractor cabs and farm equipment play a pivotal role in achieving these goals. As part of CNH Industrial, Raven offers a versatile solution that can be retrofitted to tractors of any brand.

SC1™ is meticulously crafted to offer state-of-the-art, hands-free machine steering functionality when seamlessly integrated with a Raven field computer and a GPS solution of your preference. Elevating operational efficiency and enabling a broader acreage coverage in a single day, this system is distinguished by its rapid line acquisition capability and an astounding precision level of up to 46.7 km/h.
The units within the SC1™ system are designed with the utmost user-friendliness in mind, boasting a straightforward setup process and comprehensive integrated help guides. Their discreet installation within the cab ensures a clutter-free environment. SC1™ is universally compatible with all Raven field computers and leverages GPS/GNSS technology to provide the most precise guidance, all packaged within an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Compact Footprint: The SC1™ system’s compact footprint means it takes up minimal space, allowing you to maximise the use of your vehicle’s cab area.
  • Seamless Cab Integration: With its seamless cab integration and direct interface for ISO valves, the SC1™ system becomes an integral part of your vehicle’s environment, reducing clutter and making it easier to operate.
  • Unparalleled Steering Performance: Experience enhanced steering performance with astonishing accuracy.
  • Tailored Machine-Specific Tune Sets: SC1™ offers machine-specific tune sets, which means it can be tailored to optimise the performance of your specific equipment. This customisation ensures that your machinery operates at its peak efficiency, potentially leading to higher yields and cost savings.

GPS/GNSS Compatibility: SC1™ seamlessly integrates with external GPS/GNSS technology, including Raven 700S™, 500S™, and third-party GPS solutions, ensuring top-tier accuracy.

Extensive Compatibility: SC1™ is compatible with various Raven field computers, such as Viper® 4+, CR12™, and CR7™.

Upgradeability: SC1™ can be easily upgraded to the Slingshot system by adding compatible hardware or GPS/GNSS solutions as needed. ISOBUS 11783

Curvature Messages: SC1™ supports ISOBUS 11783 Curvature Messages, serving both ISO Steer-Ready and Raven aftermarket steering controllers.

Third-Party Radio Configuration: The field computer allows for the setup of third-party radios, including tested solutions like 450/900 MHz AG715 radios, with potential compatibility for other configurations, subject to validation.

Incorporating SC1™ into your agricultural operations empowers you with advanced steering capabilities, characterised by precision, user-friendliness, and adaptability. This technology enhances productivity and flexibility to meet evolving industry demands. In the fast-paced world of agriculture, time is a precious commodity.

Time is a precious commodity in agriculture, and at New Holland, we recognise its importance. That is why we have introduced New Holland’s Precision Land Management (PLM™ Connect), a comprehensive solution designed to help you make the most of your time for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Real-time Notifications and Parameter Monitoring
Stay informed with notifications that enable you to manage your equipment, even when not actively using PLM™ Connect.

This software allows farmers to monitor vital machine metrics, gaining valuable insights into your machines’ current status, whether they are actively engaged in fieldwork, idling, in transit, or powered off. You also have access to a comprehensive equipment list and Map View for precise location visualisation. This streamlined approach extends to maintenance planning and execution, allowing you to proactively schedule routine service requirements to minimise downtime, coordinate fuel or Diesel Exhaust Fluid refills with meal breaks or operator shift changes, and maintain easy access to critical machine details like serial numbers and service history. Additionally, PLM™ Connect enhances equipment coordination, expediting the visualisation of your connected equipment to optimise infield operations. For instance, you can strategically position grain trucks or determine when combines should exit a field, allowing other equipment to take over, all while benefiting from complete equipment visibility that significantly enhances your decision-making capabilities.

Efficient Access to Vital Information
Through seamlessly integrated solutions that connect your farm, fleet, and data, PLM™ Connect serves as your gateway to more informed management decisions. Imagine having a centralised control centre that provides immediate access to critical farm, machine, and agronomic data, all from your computer or mobile device. With PLM™ Connect, this high level of efficiency is not a distant dream; it’s a tangible reality.

Your Centralised Agricultural Command Centre
Think of New Holland’s PLM™ Connect as the core of your agricultural operations, intricately linked with state-of-the-art hardware from Raven, forming the heart of your farm’s digital ecosystem. This dynamic partnership amalgamates innovation to empower farmers with unprecedented insight, control, and connectivity that was once only envisioned. While Raven supplies the physical hardware, screens, and technological prowess, New Holland’s PLM™ Connect skilfully orchestrates the integration, transforming it into a comprehensive solution.

Mastering Agronomic Data with Precision
Within this digital realm, New Holland’s PLM™ Connect becomes your wizardry for collecting and visualising agronomic data with precision. Effortlessly monitor every agricultural operation, spanning from spring tillage to the harvest’s conclusion. PLM™ Connect seamlessly integrates data from multiple machines operating within a single field. Leverage the capabilities of satellite maps to gain insight into diverse agronomic data layers. For example, when anomalies like yield fluctuations in specific field areas arise, delve into the field’s historical records to pinpoint potential contributing factors, enabling informed decision-making.

Remote Equipment Management: Precision in Action
Experience the capability to remotely transmit guidance lines and prescriptions to your equipment from a centralised virtual command centre. Facilitate the seamless sharing of comprehensive field setup details, such as guidance lines, boundaries, and prescriptions, across multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, ensuring a harmonious performance. Whether your preference leans toward the high-flying perspective of satellites or the grounded view of street-level detail, you can select the vantage point that aligns best with your technological vision.

Maximising Agricultural Efficiency
This synergy of technologies transcends mere convenience; it revolutionises modern agriculture. It empowers you to maximise efficiency at every stage of the crop production cycle. PLM™ Connect enables you or your fleet manager to connect to your machines from the comfort of your office through the utilisation of the mobile network. With Raven’s hardware and New Holland’s PLM™ Connect software, farmers have a powerful combination that allows them to utilise precision agriculture technology to meet the world’s growing food demands while ensuring sustainability and efficiency in their farming operations.

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