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CNH Industrials RTK+ network in SA

– absolute accuracy and reliability in precision farming​

The agricultural sector has experienced a series of evolutionary milestones in recent years – from mechanisation, through the green revolution, to precision farming. The latest revolution in the agriculture is digital farming, where information about weather, soil conditions and crop health is combined with network technology that allow farmers to improve their productivity. CNH Industrial now offers its cellular-delivered RTK+ (Real Time Kinematic) correction signal with up to 1,5 cm repeatable accuracy in all conditions, regardless of field location. In all the covered areas, strength and reliability of the service are now “production ready” and can support all farmers in every processing phase.

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Johannesburg, May 2023

CNH Industrial`s commitment to customer excellence has taken the next step with the acquisition of the RTK+ network in South Africa. The recent transaction between CNH Industrial and the OMNIA Group once again confirmed CNH Industrial`s strategy to be leaders in the precision technology arena.  With the ever-growing demand for precision agriculture in South Africa, CNH Industrial have shown their commitment to stay ahead of the game with this acquisition. The current network consists of 75 RTK-base reference stations, strategically positioned to deliver optimal guidance solutions to our customers in all major agricultural regions of the country.

According to CNH Industrial Agriculture & Construction Managing Director Jacques Taylor, the company’s passion to lead the way in technological development and customer support is undeniable proof of the company’s unwavering commitment to its customers. “We are hugely optimistic about the future and look forward to continue finding better solutions for farmers to advance sustainable agriculture and economic progress in South Africa,” he said.

The use of GNSS technology is opening up new business models and opportunities in the agricultural sector, providing farmers with an unprecedented level of knowledge about their crops, livestock and operations while making the sector more efficient, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable.

Among other advantages, farmers can now benefit from a consistent and efficient use of seed, fertiliser and crop protection products through parallel passes with minimal overlap, thereby maximising a crop’s potential. To ensure a high-quality service, a team of specialists is performing a 24/7, 365 days monitoring operation behind the scenes.

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The coordinates of the CNH Industrial reference stations are estimated from and calibrated with publicly available stations such as the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN).

The Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) data of the CNH Industrial reference stations are compared against the European Terrestrial Reference Frame (ETRF) on a regular basis. The corresponding certification is executed and approved by Geo++ GmbH on a yearly basis.

The adoption of standard formats and protocols make the CNH Industrial RTK+ solution compatible with a majority of guidance equipment on the market today, opening this RTK signal up to a large group of customers. It is available through a subscription at CNH Industrial dealerships.

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For more information contact:

Head of Marketing & Communication
Chimene de Villiers
CNH Industrial Agriculture & Construction


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