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Keep your Equipment in Optimal Condition

Keeping your most valuable assets in top condition is key to your farming success. 🚜

With New Holland Original Parts & Spares you can ensure that your equipment is performing at its best and most efficient!

Why you should service regularly:


Save on your replacement parts
You’ve got everything to gain by bringing your equipment in for a Pre-Season Check! Benefit from the expertise of our technicians, who knows your machine inside out, and who will carry out a precise diagnosis before offering you a customised quote.
The parts you need are cheaper and readily available in the off-season.
You can protect your machine and help maintain its value.


To prolong the performance of your machine, genuine parts make all the difference!

While following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations is enough to keep your machine running, a pre-season check can ensure that it is in perfect condition for the next season, making the most use of its power. A  properly-greased machine and high-wear parts in good condition are the key to a successful harvest

Reduce Fuel
Reduce Fuel

Reduce your fuel consumption: replace your high-wear parts

Make the very best use of your equipment’s power.

A fine-tuned machine, correctly tensioned chains and belts and highly effective bearings… every part counts when it comes to ensuring that every step is performed perfectly and that your machine remains in peak working order.

Regular replacement of high-wear parts with genuine parts helps to maintain your machine’s original performance levels, without consuming excess power.

This is the key to further optimising your fuel consumption.


Protect your health and comfort in the cab

You don’t count the hours you spend in your cab, which is precisely why protecting your working environment is essential in enabling you to work with peace of mind whilst safeguarding yourself from all particles, even the very finest.

The genuine filters fitted optimise this protection, improving the quality of the air that comes into the cab by filtering out 1.5 times more harmful particles than an adaptable filter.

We recommend that you replace your cab filters every year (or 200 hours/24 months for activated carbon filters).

Do not attempt to clean the filters with water or air, as this will damage the filter media and undermine its efficiency.

Get Ready To Farm with a Pre-Season Checklist

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