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Let your money GROW further.

Of course, money grows on trees โ€“ itโ€™s made of paper! ๐Ÿ’ต
Now with 600hrs Service intervals, 2000hrs/2year Warranty!

Cultivate your assets with New Holland Agriculture’s T7060 – Tractor โ€“ now available with *finance from PRIME -8.5%.ย Offer valid while stocks last. *Terms and conditions apply.

We offer more than just financing. The VAT portion of your purchases is handled along with the financing, and you can reclaim the VAT within 3 months. This significantly reduces your initial deposit and strengthens your cash flow. Say goodbye to hefty initial deposits โ€“ we make it simple for you!

Model Interest rate Term Deposit
T7040 4wd Cab
Prime less 8,5%
60 months
T7060 4wd Cab
Prime less 8,5%
60 months
Model Interest rate Term Deposit
T7060 4wd Cab
Prime less 8,5%
36 months / 3 Years

Terms & Conditions

These offers are exclusively available through CNHi Capital / Wesbank

CNHi reserve the right to cancel the finance campaign at any stage by giving written
notice of our intention to do so.

CNHi reserve the right to limit support per finance transaction.
CNHi reserve the right to limit units under the campaign.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Valid only on specified product ranges with complete documentation presented and
validated within one week after campaign expiry by CNHi Capital/WesBank for
customer to benefit from the finance offer.

Offer valid till 31 May 2024

I am interested in the financing option

Meet the World-Renowned General Workhorse T7060-Series Tractor

Looking for the most dynamic tractors for sale in South Africa? Find out why tractor owners are choosing the T7060-Series above other brands for farming in South Africa.

What Makes the T7060-Series Tractors Exceptional?

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T7060-Series Tractor Specs & Cab Models

You can view the various T7060-series model category vehicles on offer as well as the specifications for each tractor model on our brochure.

What Can You Use the T7060-Series Tractor for?

The T7060 is a class-leading farm vehicle that can take on most farmer tasks. It is ideal for modern minimum tillage work, traditional ploughing, deep soil cultivation, and much more. This comfortable tractor packs a punch, with massive hydraulics that make light of even the heaviest mounted equipment.

Its versatility and flexibility make it a sensible investment item for growing your farm’s profitability. Get this world-class equipment today from tractor giants, New Holland.

Where to Buy a T7060-Series Tractor in South Africa?

Get it from us, the original manufacturers! If you are interested in purchasing a basic tractor that acts as a general workhorse for your farm and delivers exceptional power and reliability, you can fill in the form on this page to make a purchase enquiry.

Who is New Holland Agriculture?

New Holland creates high-performance farm vehicles & equipment that is world-renowned for reliability, quality, and performance in the farm equipment industry. You can get finance for the T7060-series or other heavy-duty equipment with us. As farming vehicle specialists, we offer excellent service, farming equipment of unrivalled quality, and advanced technology in agricultural equipment to help you build a successful farm.


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