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Tomorrow, we will elevate agriculture and we will offer you higher affordability with R299,000.00 + VAT & Prime less 5% interest on all orders.

This deal:

Higher Performance
from the DURADISC™ 210M Trailed Mower.
Pay R299,000.00 + VAT & Prime less 5% interest on all orders

 *Finance your DURADISC™ 210M TRAILED MOWER now from R299,000.00 + VAT & Prime less 5%.

Model Interest rate Term Deposit
210M-8-Disk trailed mower
Prime less 5%
36 months

Terms & Conditions

These offers are exclusively available through CNHi Capital / Wesbank

CNHi reserve the right to cancel the finance campaign at any stage by giving written
notice of our intention to do so.

CNHi reserve the right to limit support per finance transaction.
CNHi reserve the right to limit units under the campaign.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Valid only on specified product ranges with complete documentation presented and
validated within one week after campaign expiry by CNHi Capital/WesBank for
customer to benefit from the finance offer.

Prime – 5% (20% Deposit over 60 Months), linked to variable interest rate.

Orders placed before or on 30 June 2024 or while stocks last.

Subject to credit approval. E&OE

VAT Back in Month 4

Offer valid till 30 June 2024

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Introducing New Holland Disc Mowers: Dependable Cutting for Every Farm 

Looking for a reliable solution to tackle tough conditions and maximize your hay field’s productivity? Look no further than New Holland Disc Mowers. These heavy-duty machines are designed to handle it all, from wet grasses to challenging terrain. With cutting widths ranging from 2 to over 3.2 meters, there’s a model to suit every cutting job and budget. 

Efficiency at its Best 

One standout in the lineup is the H6830 heavy-duty pull-type disc mower, boasting a wide 3.2m cutting width and a low power requirement of just 60 PTO horsepower. It’s a winning combination for efficient mowing, ensuring you get the job done swiftly and effectively. 

Forage Quality Matters 

The quality of your forage directly impacts livestock weight gain and milk production. That’s why choosing the clean, uniform cut of New Holland DuraDisc™ Series heavy-duty disc mowers is essential. By cutting closely and cleanly, these mowers leave less crop behind, increasing tonnage, weight gain, milk production, and ultimately, the profitability of your operation. 

Dependability is Key 

Disc mowers are critical equipment in haymaking operations, and New Holland DuraDisc mowers offer fast cutting, trouble-free operation, and easy servicing. Plus, durability is standard across all models in the DuraDisc lineup, ensuring dependable performance season after season. 

MowMax™ Cutterbar Advantages 

Dependable and confident operation comes standard with DuraDisc mowers. The MowMax™ cutterbar is backed by a 3-year factory warranty, offering peace of mind. Each MowMax disc module is individually sealed with a dedicated oil reservoir, ensuring proper lubrication even on hillsides. ShockPRO™ hubs protect the cutterbar drive from impacts, guaranteeing longevity. 

Adapts to Rough Field Conditions 

DuraDisc Series mounted mowers feature a flotation spring that allows the cutterbar to glide smoothly across uneven fields. Additionally, a spring-loaded breakaway latch ensures safety by allowing the cutterbar to swing back when it encounters an immovable object. 

Easy Transportation 

When it’s time to hit the road, use remote hydraulics to raise the DuraDisc Series mounted mowers to a locked vertical transport position. Both mounted and pull-type models come equipped with a removable parking jack stand and convenient onboard storage location. 

Built-in Convenience 

Time is money during hay season, and New Holland disc mowers are quick-hitch compatible, making it fast and simple to switch between implements. Keeping your knives sharp is also a breeze with the QuickMax™ knife change system. 

Slice a Clean Swath 

New Holland DuraDisc heavy-duty disc mowers ensure a clean, even cut, even in tough conditions. Low-profile rock guards allow for flatter cutting angles, mowing even more closely. Choose from four heavy-duty models, including a pull-type model with a cut width of over 10 feet. 

Increased Productivity with Confidence 

The New Holland heavy-duty DuraDisc™ 210M pull-type disc mower combines a wide 10-foot, four-inch cut with easy hookup and a low horsepower requirement. It offers smooth operation, maneuverability, and a range of features to boost productivity. 

High-Value HM Series Disc Mowers 

For those seeking economical options, New Holland’s HM Series economy disc mowers provide fast cutting speeds without breaking the bank. These mowers offer efficient slicing through thick crops, durability, and dependable operation. 

Choose New Holland for Reliability 

New Holland Agriculture understands the challenges faced by farmers and offers not only quality equipment but also exceptional support, including expert service and genuine parts. With a range of financial solutions available, including financing and leasing options, New Holland is your trusted partner in farming success. 

Ready to boost your farm’s efficiency and profitability? Explore New Holland Disc Mowers and discover the difference they can make in your haymaking operation. Choose reliability, choose New Holland Agriculture. 



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